Since founding kladdebuchverlag in 2013, we create digital innovation in the media and publishing industry. We combine our love and passion for language with cutting edge technology to address business and societal challenges.
We are a diverse team, impact driven, with backgrounds and skills in linguistics, data science, cultural studies and entrepreneurship.

We are creators; we are makers and willing to use our superpowers to make the world a better place.
Because language affects worldview. Because every word matters.

With robust technology, we protect democracies and ensure peaceful coexistence.

We promote high technology and sustainable innovation for a digital change in all sectors.
To face discrimination and inequality worldwide we focus on responsible technology and fair data.
To protect women and girls esp. in case of digital violence we want to push innovation in this field.
We see our responsibility in using strong technology for climate action and saving resources.



And more.

We create cutting-edge AI models with the ability to understand, to process and to generate natural language. Due to our roots in media and entertainment we stand for innovation in book publishing as well. 



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